WANG MUGNO & PARK is the firm of choice for clients ranging from  international corporate clients transacting business and investments to individuals buying and selling small businesses and properties.  Since its small beginnings in 2007, WANG MUGNO & PARK has become one of the most recognized New Jersey law firms specializing in representing businesses and individuals with international background.

All counsels at Wang Mugno & Park are required to meet the following standards before he/she can become associated with the firm:

* Minimum ten (10) years of legal experience;
* No records of ethics violation or incidents affecting character and fitness; and
* Working professional proficiency in at least one foreign language.

As of date Wang Mugno & Park is capable of representing international clients using Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Italian and Russian.

At WANG MUGNO & PARK, loyalty is our strong suit. Whether our client is an individual, a small to medium size company or an international conglomerate, we are always committed to further only our clients’ interest. We do so by maintaining a strong policy insulating our counsels and staffs from outside interferences whether in the form of offers or threats. We do not stand down until specifically requested by our clients.

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Our Attorneys

Greg X. Wang, ESQ (王正)

Matthew J. Mugno, ESQ

Hojin Park, ESQ

Christopher Pollard, ESQ


Not in any particular order

Hongkun USA Real Estate Holdings

Huayi Brothers

Beijing Weiying Technology Co. Ltd.

China Talent Group Ltd.

Atlantic Petroleum and Resources Group Ltd.

Eastern Energy & Mines Ltd.

Frosana International Corp. – U.S. subsidiary of Nantex Corp.

Reliance Commercial Land

H Mart

Shinhan Bank America

Hankook Tire America

Seoul Broadcasting System

Utah Valley University

Corona Science & Technology Inc. – U.S. shareholders of JK Sucralose

Huaiji Dengyun Group (SZ002715)

Rhode Island School of Design

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